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Photo: Kevin Carden, Dreamstime Stock Photography

Welcome to Reluctant Mysticism — a place for spiritual seekers, doubters, and folks leaning into new life.

This blog is dedicated to everyone wishing to explore maturing faith and spirituality, especially after spiritual or religious trauma. Many of us have needed to shed our old lives in order to survive, but still miss the language and community religion brought us. Together we can embrace our identities, explore these new pathways, reconnect with God if we choose to, and share these experiences with one another.

In a world of evolving spirituality we can pursue what community and church and God mean in our world through arts, meditation, contemplation, and a whole lot of skepticism and doubt. We can work towards mercy and justice through the lenses of intersectionality and multi-storied narratives, social justice and a lot of elbow grease.

Let’s walk our stories together, friends. Whatever they might be and however they can and will change.

“What is this breaking, this hopeful
re-making, shifting stones, addressing dry bones,
dizzying me with blessings,
intercepting my grieving
and raising the dead all around me?” -Enuma Okoro