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Line up of people casting long shadows in a city square

Changed for the Healing of the World

I have a bad habit (one among many). Whenever there is conflict, I need to run. Any disturbance in the Force is a reason to flee — a true Jedi I am not. If there’s something someone else has done that has hurt me or bothered me, I’ll often ignore it for the sake of keeping the stasis (calling it…

Background of a green and red flower with a quote in the foreground: "Let my life be rooted in the ground of your peace, O God, let me be rooted in the depths of your peace. ~ from CELTIC BENEDICTION by J. Philip Newell"

Stillness Is Not Inaction

In the busyness of this day grant me a stillness of seeing, O God. In the conflicting voices of my heart grant me a calmness of hearing. Let my seeing and hearing my words and my actions be rooted in a silent certainty of your presence. Let my passions for life and the longings for justice that stir within me…