Mission Statement & Core Values

Old darkened country church with large hole in front wall surrounded by vines; beautiful pasture at sunset waits outside; light comes in
Kevin Carden_Dreamstime Stock Photo

Reluctant Mysticism Mission Statement:

Reconnecting with ourselves, God, and community through mystical traditions, social justice, and creativity.

Core Values:

  • Spirituality – affirming the diverse stories we all have lived that have brought us to the spaces we dwell in now, while encouraging the exploration and development of new stories.
  • Intersectionality – hearing and understanding the intersecting lenses that we use to describe our lived experiences.

    For example, as a person who identifies as bisexual, I bring a specific lens that has shaped who I am both inside and outside of the church. However, I know and understand that I am also white – a reality which affords me both privileges in my current society as well as a history of superiority.

    These lenses shape my spiritual approaches and practices consciously and unconsciously. By being intentional in my steps forward, I can become more aware of these intersecting identities in myself and those of others. This intentionality shapes my forward action.

  • Community – creating the kinds of community we seek to share together, while understanding that the idea and reality of community is different for many people.
  • Love – striving to embody love for all people through listening, action, consent, creativity, and authenticity.