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Samhain 2017: Thoughts & Suggestions

Long ago I relinquished the fear-based religion that taught me that everything outside literal, inerrant Bible interpretations was to be avoided and branded as evil. Everything was a threat: culture, music, dancing, other religions, LGBTQ+ people. And Halloween. To be honest, I have my own reasons to abstain from 21st century North American’s Halloween: our sheer consumption of fabric, sugar,…

“Fluidity” (from BiRevGal Blog)

Fluidity is beautiful. I remember the first time I came into contact with this word. In fact, I remember the exact day. I had purchased a copy of a book. “Sexual Fluidity, Understanding Women’s Love and Desire.” I saw in a bookstore in 2010. I cracked it open in a coffee shop, and I dared […] via Fluid. — BiRevGal Blog

Listening Without Needing To Be Heard

I wrote a blog post for The Boost Collaborative Breakfast Club on the need to mentor youth in the spiritual discipline of deeper listening. By helping kids to want to create safer spaces and to want to listen to the people around them, we can support their efforts in navigating a increasingly polarized world filled with rhetoric. Check it out……

Story On…

Thanks to SheLovesMagazine for publishing my article: I was a Cradle Conservative Evangelical Take some time and check out the many other narratives of life, faith, & insight from a myriad of women.

My Most Difficult Shift Toward Healthy Religion

Ed Cyzewski pens some substantial thoughts reflecting many of my own experiences & struggles with accepting a healthy religion and loving those still dwelling in the shadow of an angry God.