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Strange Welcome

What expectations do I put on the stranger invited to my Christmas table? I don’t think I’ve really stopped to consider that. I know I’ve been raised in churches that preach and encourage me to welcome the stranger in at Christmastime (and during many other times throughout the year); I know that we are to welcome people in for they…

Ephemera: It’s Time To Celebrate The First Day Of The Celtic Advent Season

Choosing to intentionally and slowly celebrate Advent has been a godsend for me in reclaiming the Mystery of Christmas. In the face of overwhelming consumerism, fake displays, fake snow, fake angels, fake light, quiet darkness has been the healing candle guiding my tired footsteps towards a new, hushed morning.

Yes, Start Thinking About Christmas Now

Or to be more specific: start thinking about ADVENT. Stores have had Halloween crap out since the summer, and today we spotted Christmas cake and decorations whilst grocery shopping. It becomes harder and harder to tolerate all the useless, oppressive consumerism that both cheapens our special holidays and destroys lives around the world (making all of our stupid trinkets, candies,…