It’s (Not?) the End of the World as We Know It…

Old darkened country church with large hole in front wall surrounded by vines; beautiful pasture at sunset waits outside; light comes in
Kevin Carden_Dreamstime Stock Photo

I had the honour of preaching my first intern sermon at Trinity Lutheran Church yesterday on Advent 1. The lectionary reading was Luke 21:25-36 — the end of the world. It’s a nice and easy introduction to preaching, right?

I shared a fragment of my own story around the End Times and a couple of ways such theology was used to create fear masquerading as love. Little did I know that there were others listening to me who had similar experiences. It was like gazing into rippling mirrors as I greeted people after the service, listening to such diverse backgrounds. Many folks had encountered painful forms of teaching that led only to fear or exclusion.

My passion continues to be to come alongside people who have encountered religious trauma or abuse, who have lost community or family, who have been segregated or excommunicated, and are still seeking…something. For all of us who are struggling with the pain of such existential loss, you are not alone. During this season of Advent, be reminded that Light comes, has come, and will always come.


4 thoughts on “It’s (Not?) the End of the World as We Know It…

  1. Erin – It is so good to hear your voice with a sense of calm assurance. As you indicate that was a tough passage for a first sermon, but you nailed it. The reference to the way we view the fruit on trees or the coming of snow is our guide, but does not stop us. Thank you for the message


  2. Hi, Erin – I wasn’t at Trinity on Sunday so I didn’t hear your “first” sermon there. Steve Udvardy and I plan to be there this coming Sunday. I think Steve is looking forward to connecting with you. See you then.


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