Celebrating Pride Month

Pride rainbow flag background with holding hands over top. Text reads: " Pride 2018: Celebrating spirituality, faith, & community. Reluctantmysticism.com
Designed in Canva

June is Pride month. To celebrate, I’ll be featuring LGBTQ+ faith and spiritual leaders who are passionate about justice and community. I’m excited to be sharing the words and vision of these people with all of you! So much wisdom to learn from and so much hope. Stay tuned for Friday posts!

In the meantime, here are just a few queer resources surrounding faith and spirituality you can explore. It’s by no means an exhaustive list. So if you have any of your own to share, please do!

The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh. -Rumi


Faith Centres (Alberta/Canada)



Community (North America)



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