Moving Forward

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Hey friends,

You may have noticed some changes happening on Reluctant Mysticism. Check out the new theme and the new pages!

Thanks to your support, I’m pursuing ways to help make this writing/blogging passion more a part of my career life. I’ll keep blogging about engaging our spirituality and faith practices after difficult times, while hopefully offering more opportunities for you all to engage with one another.

Many of us have experienced hurt or pain within our specific religious traditions. As we emerge from those spaces into new ones, we’re often left reeling with questions like “What now?”, “What do I believe?”, “What if I want to go back?”, or “Who am I supposed to be now?”

Some of us return to religious space, others don’t; some of us tweak prior beliefs, while others purge everything in favour of new ones; and some of us encounter times of profound grieving and loss, while others have a milder time transitioning into new life.

However we come to the space we’re in now, it’s important that we discover ways that allow us to continue to flourish within ourselves and community. Whether we’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, humanist, atheist, spiritual-but-not-religious, unsure, skeptical, doubting, or eager to believe, we all can learn to create space for each other.

I love Reluctant Mysticism’s mission statement: “Reconnecting with ourselves, God, and community through mystical traditions, social justice, and creativity.” While our spiritual selves need to explore the divine alone, we also need each other. Yet even in our groups, we often become silos trying to guard our corner of truth at the expense of others. How can we move on from such tribalism? What’s there to encounter and experience that’s authentic and real?

[themedy_pullleft colour=”theme” colour_custom=”#0d5aa8″ text=”Reconnecting with ourselves, God, and community through mystical traditions, social justice, and creativity.”]

Leaning into spiritual growth is partly being able to see the parts of ourselves that are broken and need healing; our connecting with God, however we identify God to be, will change and become something new; and how we’ve existing in community will broaden as we deepen in our spiritual walks.

My aim is to write two blog posts per week — publishing them on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays will have a longer post, while the weekends will have shorter posts with resources for you to check out on your own. Sign up with your email if you want to have these posts sent directly to your inbox! Within the next few days, I’ll have a contact form up live and ready to go so you can continue to send your questions in.

I’m excited about this journey, friends. There is much tough stuff to be waded through, but there is also so much depth to be explored. I’m glad we can share our journeys together.



2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Hello! I’m new to your blog so can’t comment on the old design (I haven’t seen it) but the new one looks fantastic! It’s quite unique which in my book is a big plus when there are so many blogs out there. Well done – keep up the great work! Steven


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