5 Years From Katie

13 years today…wow.

Reluctant Mysticism

Erin and Katie

Erin with Florentina (aka ‘Katie’) at 2.5 months old

This is Florentina Nanu. In this picture she is about 2 1/2 months old. When I was in Romania in 2004, she was abandoned at the Victor Gomoiu Hospital at 2 weeks old. Already she was exhibiting signs of Reactive Attachment Disoder — little eye contact, no response to stimuli. All I saw were two beautiful dark eyes peering out from under her blanket. The hospital didn’t even know her Romanian name then yet.

My heart was captivated.

Whether I should have or not, I felt I couldn’t let this floundering infant remain nameless. So I named her.

Meet Kathleen Hannah… little Katie.

As I said, she wouldn’t respond to sound, touch or gaze. I drew a bath for her, got clean baby clothes ready, a fresh towel, soap and washcloth. I carried her tiny rigid form from the changetable into…

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