Blessed First Day of Celtic Advent

The sun is down…blessed first day of Advent, friends. Let us be welcoming of one another in our waiting.

Reluctant Mysticism

full-moon-tree-of-lifeToday is the first Sunday of Celtic Advent. 40 days of darkness, of waiting, of yearning, of hoping. In the past few years, I’ve come to love Advent far more than I love Christmas. Perhaps the consumerism of Christmas has soured me. But really I think the long dark nights and the short cold days of Advent quietly begin to call me back into a place of hope in the midst of hopelessness. I need Advent for Christmas to mean anything. Like Lent preparing me for Easter; like Good Friday preparing me for Easter Sunday, Advent drags me into spaces I cannot face and lays me bare before a seeming absent God.

And I beg for God to show up.

In the wake of Paris, Beirut, Egypt, Syrian, Lebanon, & the many other places around the world that daily go unnamed in their grief and loss, I find voice in…

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