Samhain 2017: Thoughts & Suggestions

Long ago I relinquished the fear-based religion that taught me that everything outside literal, inerrant Bible interpretations was to be avoided and branded as evil. Everything was a threat: culture, music, dancing, other religions, LGBTQ+ people.

And Halloween.

To be honest, I have my own reasons to abstain from 21st century North American’s Halloween: our sheer consumption of fabric, sugar, cocoa, and knick-knacks fuels the engines of sweat shops, human trafficking, and poverty around the world (as do most of our holidays). I’m all for fun and dressing up. But when most of the world is locked out of this fun because it’s so busy making fun just for me, I need to not only stop what I’m doing but start doing fun differently.

As for Samhain, it has beautifully deep roots that call us to dwell in the liminality of our worlds. Far from causing harm or desecrating holy space, it creates connection between me and God. Realizing that threads had been cut that were not threads at all but veins and arteries to my own life, I began to work at healing and renewal: a slow, painful season winding its way through space that is not here and is not there, but is now.

Thanks, Tadhg Talks, for the great insights & musings.

Source: Samhain 2017: Thoughts & Suggestions

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