Angry But Not About to Abandon

Parable of the Wedding Banquet

How many of us can resonate being raised to believe in an angry God? Oh sure, God’s anger and wrath were justified because of our (apparent) sin and God couldn’t be in the presence of sin (despite being all-powerful somehow).

How many of us kept asking: “If God really hates us that badly, why does God bother creating us in the first place?”

How many of us can cite all the Sunday School answers we were expected to swallow because, in many of our traditions and doctrines, it all fit together so perfectly? And it always made God come out on top and humanity down low on the bottom.

Because we were suckers.

Because we angered God just that much.

Returning to a text that has long been a source of fear for me was a challenge this week. When all I see is genocide and eternal hell for declining an invitation or arriving improperly dressed, I default to my Angry-God-Metes-Judgement-Forever-and-Ever lens. But I’m a bit older now, I’ve dug a little more critically into theology now, and I’d like to  believe that my relationship with God is a bit more nuanced now.

Still…God as an angry, retributive king working on behalf of his princeling still doesn’t resonate well with me.

How about you?

What more is there?


2 thoughts on “Angry But Not About to Abandon

  1. Really good question. I love your honest exploration. I grew up in the same tradition with angry Gid. However my personal experience with God proves to be different. He was gentle and patient with me. But I still fear angry God. I seem to see a lot of people are talking about this and moving to God is love or as I like to call him Papagod (a reference to The Shack)

    Perfect love casts out fear

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  2. Thank You Erin, I enjoyed your deep reflective thinking process. God’s love is so unconditional that God accepts our free will, even when we reject God’s unfathomable love.

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