‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem Dry Bones


We speak so many words over ourselves — true, false, and a pasty mixture; necessary, unnecessary, and a quagmire of both. It’s not hard to begin to see why we step into the stereotypes we tell one another. We pronounce so many realities on ourselves — realities that sicken and kill us, take power over others, and distort who we are.

Even people with the best intentions have the power to maim us. I’ve often been told that as long as someone offers me something with good intention, I can receive it as such.

Anyone else spot the possible flaw in this belief system? Anyone else been burnt by it, but forced to swallow the goodness because the other person really meant well?

Even Jesus in his humanity faced a terrible reality about his own life and death, and it brought him to his knees. Yet in his wailing, life began to water not only the bones of Lazarus, but his own.

Dare we hope for such new life?

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