He’s Heavy Because He’s My Brother: Thoughts on Loving The Critics

I’m working on a series about inclusion. We hear the word bandied about quite freely, used by some as the catch-all word for utopia and hypocrisy by others.

Maybe I need to explore different paths of conversation about what inclusion is, and what it means to be inclusive. To start, here’s a pice I wrote some months back to help readers understand where I’m coming from and starting from. Peace.

Reluctant Mysticism

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Mirrored Objective via freeimages.com

It’s inevitable.

No matter what we believe or what we stand for, someone will invariably disagree with us.

Sometimes it’s over petty life stuff. Obviously the correct way to replace the toilet paper roll is OVER — it’s just common sense — but there are strange folks out there who think that the proper way to replace the roll us UNDER. It makes for a frustrating bathroom experience when visiting the home of UNDER people.

Sometimes it’s in the classroom. Professors put out an idea or an issue, and everyone has an opinion about the context and history of the thing or how to go about addressing it. Sometimes the rigorous debate sparks better teamwork and greater relationship. Other times, disagreements are simply expressions of who’s corners we’re standing in and, how in our stubbornness, we refuse to leave.

Sometimes we disagree because we really don’t…

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