Nick Cave’s “O Children”: Hey Little Train, Wait for Me

So I’m a Potterhead. 😉 Since transferring my blog from Typepad to WordPress, this post still gets daily clicks. Is it the movie? The music? Or is the message that Nick Cave’s wrote such evocative lyrics that no matter the context, we can all be both singers & hearers?

Reluctant Mysticism

harry and hermione dance Since the memorable dance between Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Pt.1), O Children has gained an instant following. It’s blusey-gospel-sway finds the listener swept away to times we wish we had, times when we wished we had acted differently, and times when we know we’ll need to act differently in the future.

I tried searching for the actual meaning behind the song since it wasn’t technically written for the movie. One blog interpreted the lyrics quite literally, thinking it sang of the children taken away by Nazis during the Holocaust; while other various Yahoo answers thought it to be more hopeful, using familiar images from old African-American spirituals such as trains, stations, and the imminence of freedom. No matter what interpretation I read, there was a despair at being caught in a place of no exit… and a plea for hope for…

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