Possessing a Female Body is a Liability in the ELCA

Serious heart thoughts here as we celebrate (venerate?) the unmarried pregnant mother of Jesus, while continuing to shame women who seek to follow the same Jesus…

Naked & Unashamed

I love my feminine, female body. I love my curves and muscles and hair. It took me a while to get to this point, but I love that my body is a living, breathing example of the dying and rising that Christ endured for all of humanity. I love it all. But I’m not sure how much the ELCA loves my body.

I spent this past year working for an ELCA church body that does tremendous work for the sake of God’s mission. I got to learn from strong women leaders and see the spirit move through the mundane tasks of administration.

One day, my boss informed me that she was most likely leaving her current position. And since she was in a position of leadership, she wanted another woman in her place—and by the grace of God, a woman of color.

“Yes!” I thought, “these people understand.” And my…

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