What is a Christian Mystic? — Reluctant Mysticism

This post probably the most accurate reflection of my own process & identity that I’ve read thus far (except I’m attending an ELCIC seminary). I add “reluctant” to my own personal walk in mysticism because let’s face it: I’m stubborn. When I encounter God, I often wrestle her until dawn and come away with a limp. Rarely do I shift or change without a fight.

But beloved I am. I am move deeper into Love.

Originally posted on celtic straits: Postcards from a wonderful site called avagabonde.blogspot.com I was raised a Methodist in an integrated inner-city church. I became committed to Jesus in a high school Young Life club. I find my theological home in historic Reformed theology, and I am an ordained Presbyterian minister (EPC).? I teach leadership and…

via What is a Christian Mystic? — Reluctant Mysticism

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