Everything You Wanted To Know About Lammas, But Were Afraid To Ask…

Lughnasadh (Lammas) is coming! Read on about this fragrant breaking of bread for the Celtic summer season.

Peace to you all tonight. 🙂

Tadhg Talks...

02 lammas HARVEST  standard confession word face pexels TIME 111 SML wristwatch copy

..with apologies to Woody Allen for  nearly using a movie title in which he had a small part to play [pun intended].

Yes, it’s nearly that time, again.

I can’t wait for the ancient Celtic and Druid festival of Lammas, also called Lammas-Day or the season,  Lammastide. It traditionally starts on August 1st, and it is the first harvest in the calendar. It is such an important occasion, and one that brings back so many fond memories for me.

The Church celebrates harvest, now, one Sunday in September, and that type of harvest celebration service is fairly recent: it began in 1843, when Revd. Hawker, then the Vicar of Morwenstow in Cornwall, revived the ‘forgotten’ and ancient service of Lammas, as a once-a-year (new) service. We owe a debt of gratitude to him for that. But, there’s more.

The ‘revived’ once-a-year, harvest festival may seem normal to many people today, but originally…

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