Hurt People Hurt People

Hurt people hurt people, as the saying goes.

A wounded person lashes out, does damage, causes harm; casualties are likewise wounded, and cycles begin. Seeds of oppression and violence are sown.

What if we framed our lenses to see our aggressors as hurt people?

Here is Ann Vriend’s song “Hurt People Hurt People”. Talented musical artist from our own Edmonton, Alberta, she expresses both the hope and despair we all face when trying to process continued outbursts of violence and pain in our world.

Hurt People Hurt People – Ann Vriend

Published on Nov 26, 2015 Temporary photo video for demo of “Hurt People Hurt People,” words and music by Ann Vriend. Video by Ann Vriend. Demo recorded by Hubert Nitsch in Morfelden, Germany, May 18, 2015. Vocals and Piano: Ann Vriend. Organ: Rooster Davis/David Aide. Drums: Peter Hendrickson.


Hurt people hurt people
Hurt people hurt people

You’re just a little eggshell
Someone stepped on long ago
Trying to put yourself back together again
Can take a lifetime sometimes, you know
And I’m sitting on this balcony with you wondering
If you’ll jump
You broke into my place, stole my stuff
So you can sell it on the street for junk

Hurt people hurt people
Hurt people hurt people

You’re just a little mama
Your daddy is the daddy of your child
Love is a twisted, bitter thing
When it’s confused with desire
And I’m sitting in this clinic wondering
If you’ll run
Right and wrong broke long ago
You say it’s only for the lucky ones

Hurt people hurt people
Hurt people hurt people

And I wish that I could fix what happened to you
Yeah, I’d shoot them in the head
But they were probably a little eggshell, too
And the cycle goes on
And we are casualties instead

You’re just a little gunman
Someone beat up long ago
Trying to get back at the people who killed
Everybody in the town you know
And I’m standing in this goddamn war with you hoping
you won’t shoot
We watch it all with shock on TV
Wondering how history repeats and repeats

Hurt people hurt people hurt people
Hurt people hurt people hurt people…


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