On The Night of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

full super-moon-lunar-eclipseI didn’t have a telescope to watch tonight’s Supermoon Lunar Eclipse up close, nor did I have any fancy lenses to snap rare shots of the event. I simply sat by the lake, near the bullrushes and cattails where Tarrabain and Nashim Drive split off. I could hear the water swishing in against the reeds; the wind rustled the leaves; and the moon, bulbous & fat only minutes earlier, seemed to get smaller as it got darker.

I began my evening by starting my trek just before sunset. It was glorious. Not to wax too poetic, but the sun seemed to give a final burst of powerful light before dropping below the horizon as if to shout “It’s coming! It’s happening! Look up!”

And look up I did. Between the autumn colours, the exploding sunset, and suddenly an enormous ball hanging in the sky slowly being eaten by shadow, I certainly felt like I had my feet in three or four places at once. Sky met earth, earth, met sky, sky met shadow, shadow made by earth.

As we begin to descend to sleep tonight, I pray that the spaces we all crossed into tonight would be blessed; that our spirits would be just that inch more open to possibilities, healing, restoration and peace; and that the love of God, evident in nature and humanity everywhere, would infuse our rest.

Before Sleep
— John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us

As I lay down to sleep.
May the guardian angel
Watch over me,
Coaxing all my cares
To unravel in peace.

As darkness within
Is wed to darkness without,
Freed from the weight of light,
Let my eyes sleep
Relieved of all intensities.

Let my imagination
Trawl the compressed seas,
To bless the dawn
With a generous catch
Of luminous dream.

May this new night of rest
Repair the wear of time
And restore youth of heart
For the adventure
That awaits tomorrow.


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