Off Centre: Journeys, Dead Ends and Arrivals

Lands End Labyrinth
Lands End Labyrinth

Here’s the download of today’s sermon: Off Centre – Journeys, Dead Ends and Arrivals

It came out of a million threads that seemed totally unrelated, even un-relatable. I’ve been walking a rather fractured and frustrating time — one of incredible change and big choices. In terms of actually writing the message, it was one of the those week’s when I sensed that there was something to be shared, but none it made sense or connected at all. Ironic that by preaching about the Centre, I needed to be centred myself. Not sure if I really embodied that, but this is what came of my journey these past few days anyhow.

It was also my first time actuating leading the service, instead of just preaching. I think it went rather well 😀 (says I, after drinking my second bottle of Tums). Ha! It was a great morning. The message was followed by “This is My Father’s World”. So after you give a listen to the message, enjoy the music & take away what you need.

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