A Prayer Of Lament To A God Who Seems Late (Charleston, Ferguson, Uganda…)

Pisses me off too.

john pavlovitz


I need to confess something:

I don’t know what to pray today.

I’m a Christian. I’m a pastor. I get it.

I know all the Scripture passages.

I know that I’m supposed to pray and I know how I’m supposed to pray—but the words aren’t coming.

I guess it’s that this terrible ground has become far too familiar; waking to the news of unthinkable tragedy, stunned at the reckless waste of life, and then trying to turn to a God who seems late in coming.

So often we are pulled-in-two as we pray. We live and believe in the constant, incredible tension, between a God we trust to be Love and a hateful world that He made.

In times of suffering and hatred, our prayers feel like a dichotomy. 

We ask God to mend wounds that He could have prevented. We seek comfort for victims of violence from the One who might have stopped it. We ask God…

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