Black River, Takin’ All Our Cares Away

A beautiful afternoon, perfect for some Amos Lee, warm, gentle… smooth. Sing it with me: “Gonna take my cares, gonna carry my cares, gonna take my cares away…” Cheers, ya’ll. 🙂

Reluctant Mysticism

Makes me want to go to Scotland... Makes me want to go to Scotland…

When prayers become songs… or songs become prayers… it’s a beautiful thing. Lament takes on rhythm, heartbreak and grief embody poetry, and honesty hums in harmony with our cores. Sometimes the only way we can cry out is through music.

Thank God for that.

For all survivors struggling to help the rest of the world understand…

For youth trying to make good choices with too many options (or not enough)…

For frontline workers who are worn out, figuring we don’t really help at all…

For people lonely in the midst of family, friends, church and community…

For those trying to chose love & forgiveness but keep finding ourselves angry and bitter…

Sing it now…

“You’re gonna take my bottle, my bible, my mess.
You’re gonna take all of my empty and my loneliness.
Gonna take all of the sadness inside of me,

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