Paper: Co-authoring Stories of Hope: Narrative Approaches to Spiritual Direction, by David Crawley

Christian Spirituality Studies

David Crawley (Laidlaw College, New Zealand) delivered this paper at a session of the Christian Spirituality Group during last year’s AAR conference.  The theme of the session was Perspectives on Spiritual Direction: Historical and Contemporary. Here are a couple of introductory paragraphs from David’s paper:

While spiritual direction is not therapy, various psychological and therapeutic paradigms have influenced spiritual direction training and practice in recent decades. Rogerian principles shape our approach to listening. Elements of Jungian psychology informed my training as a spiritual director, and Freudian conceptions of projection, transference, and counter-transference were applied to the dynamics of director-directee relationships. To my knowledge—admittedly a slender resource—a thoroughgoing exploration of what narrative therapeutic perspectives might offer to spiritual direction is yet to be undertaken. Helpful work has been done in the areas of pastoral and spiritual care, and some of this has relevance to spiritual direction. Sadly, it was just before…

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