White Grief: Responding to Indian Genocides & Colour Oppression

Seeing a lot of traffic today on this couple year’s old post… difficult subject, but truthful. For people in oppressor groups, how do we respectfully ask for a mourning period in order to move ahead together?

Reluctant Mysticism

I sat through my first day of White Bison Wellbriety Facilitator’s Training today. It’s a Native American organization dedicated to educating aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples of Turtle Island using culture as prevention.

While the organization is from the US, much of the information and cultural awareness is certainly applicable to Canada. I am being trained to offer the program for youth in my local community, along with my fellow co-workers.

The thing is, I was one of the only white people in the whole room. A year and half ago, when I took my Race & Ethnic Relations course with Eastern University, the room was made up of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Canadians, and Caucasians (even saying these terms brings a certain amount of dread & doubt, hoping I’m using sensitive terms). I even sensed the divide between American and Canadian. Yet I wasn’t the minority in the room then. I was…

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