Remembering You, Cindy Gladue

pM4CarbUJZ.jpgI’ve been quiet up until now.

Maybe that was the wrong choice.

I just couldn’t believe it.

Bradley Barton declared innocent.

Cindy Gladue was found dead from an 11cm stab wound… in a hotel bathtub… in a john’s hotel room.

And Barton walked free.

Cindy’s cause of death was blamed on “rough sex”.

The media barely made a whimper. You had to subscribe to articles to find out what was going on.

(if you need to catch up):

Bradley Barton trial in killing of Cindy Gladue enters jury deliberations

“Downey said even if the wound was not caused by a cut, the amount of alcohol in Gladue’s system — four times the legal limit — meant she was not able to consent to the sex.” -Crown Prosecutor Carrie-Ann Downey

(the verdict):

Bradley Barton found not guilty in death of Cindy Gladue

Twitter exploded. And I’ll be the first to admit that stayed off of Twitter.

Another prostitute murdered. Another victimizer walking away free. Another aboriginal woman who’s name and life our country is all too ready to simply forget.

Maybe I should have (and still should be) been tweeting and re-tweeting; but I was so astonished at the lack of dignity afforded Cindy while at the same time loathing the injustice being spread on Twitter that I stayed away. Tweets have shown themselves to be powerful agents of social change, but they’ve also been powerful agents of stupidity and cruelty.

Cindy… you deserved better in life, and you certainly deserve better now. My voice will join with others to remember you. YOU.

Readers, when you write your pleas for an appeal, I ask that you be respectful but forthright. We lose women like Cindy in our country because we tolerate it — we allow it. Until we listen to our indigenous sisters and their wisdom, until we hear the walk of our brothers and sisters oppressed in prostitution, until we let go of our sex-on-demand self-righteousness, we will continue to lose lives.

God help us.

To write your letter:

Honourable Jonathan Denis QC MLA
Minister of Justice and Solicitor General
3rd floor, Bowker Building, 9833 – 109 Street.
Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2E8,

Phone: 780-427-2339
Fax: 780-422-6621


Add Yours
  1. Fawn

    Some friends and I have organized a peaceful protest for next week in regards to.this injustice. April 2nd 12 pm at the Law Courts Building in Edmonton. Please share and tweet about this event.

    Please share and invite friends to this event. It’s to fight for justice for Cindy Gladue and other Indigenous women who have been murdered or are missing.


  2. Tamara

    The story is unimaginable, a true crime written the wrong way, all the way!! I will be there to march for my sister! in the native spirit way!


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