New Direction, New Blog


Hey friends,

I’ve been working on The Underground Railroad for a few years now. And while I haven’t flagged in my support for ending human trafficking or sharing dialogue about related issues, I have certainly noticed a shift in my writing.

Coordinating a local food bank in rural Canada has its unique challenges.

Discovering that I don’t believe in certain things I once revered has been jarring.

Finding out I believe in some things I once poo-pooed has been even more of a shock.

Talking social justice is once thing. But how does one do that when faith shifts, grows, and spits one out on the sand? Where’s God? Is there a God? If we don’t want there to be a God, why are we being drawn to places that seem to graffiti Her name everywhere?

If all this makes me a Reluctant Mystic, then I’ll allow myself the indulgence of a smidgen of pretension.

I hope this blog will be a little more intimate (as intimate as an online platform can be anyway), a little more reflective, and a little more focused on the journey and whatever that movement might bring.

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