All It Needs is a Little Love

Charlie Brown Christmas

How are you planning to share the love this Christmas?

Some of you are already doing a face-palm: "Good grief!" (said in true Charlie Brown voice) "Is it Christmas time again?"



Costco and Wal-Mart have had some of their Christmas baubles and bows out for display since September, wouldn't you know? It's barely the end of Canadian Thanksgiving and, in between the gluttony of Halloween candy, Christmas is demanding our attention once more.


So many of us are fervently looking for tangible ways we can share our love with one another without buying the gizmos, gadets and "in" toys for our kids. We're fed of up to the teeth of buying the latest and greatest; we're searching for something deeper and more meaningful than what's under the tree.


To that end, I've compiled a (hopefully) helpful list of ideas that might assist you in creating a terrific Christmas for you and your friends and family. I've collected these ideas over the years from things I've done with my own family, and from ideas other families have shared with me. Not only do many of these gifts show love to the recipient, but making/creating them brings us a good deal of joy too.


The cool thing is: we can share these ideas with our kids and help them create their own gift-giving ideas. For example, I have 3 nephews whom I absolutely adore. Right now they love being kissed to death but I know that stage won't last long (ha!), but I also want them to know that I'm the aunt that won't shower them with physical stuff. Not that this kind of gift-giving is wrong. It's just… they've got enough of it. I want them to learn from me that my love for them comes in ways that will last in their memories forever. I want them to understand that by choosing to share my love with them as I do, I'm also thinking of others around the world who might be hurt or helped by my purchases; I want them to know I care about the earth in how I give to them.

Yes, Charlie Brown, all it needs is a little love. 🙂

Gifts of Words

  1. record yourself reading favourite books, burn to CDs & voila! Road trip material!
  2. staple blank colourful pages together so kids can write their own stories
  3. make a journal for an adult the easy way or the more adventurous way
  4. create a scrapbook
  5. gift certificate to a used bookstore
  6. have a favourite book or precious book re-bound/restored
  7. a magazine subscription
  8. handwritten notes/cards
  9. blank handmade cards for the recipient to send out to others
  10. a handwritten journal filled with inspiring quotations
  11. soap crayons… no really! A young family told me this began with mom and dad giving the kids soap crayons to leave love notes on the tub surround. Mom and dad left notes for the kids. Suffice it to say, mom and dad began to discover the fun of soap-crayon messages for one another too! 😀

Gifts of Time

  1. build a snowfort together
  2. passes to local museums, zoos, or parks
  3. gym passes, swimming pools or libraries
  4. club memberships (Scouts, dance club, etc)
  5. create fun coupons to take someone to:
    1. the movies
    2. skating
    3. hockey game
    4. the symphony
    5. theatre
    6. concert
    7. even for hot chocolate at a favourite local coffee shop
    8. tour of Mommy or Daddy's workplace (if allowed/possible)
    9. dinner at a special place
    10. create a sweet indoor picnic in a memorable place (be it a homemade fort or indoor gardens)
    11. free babysitting
    12. date nights

Gifts of Creativity

  1. go on (trust me!) There are sellers from around the world who make it their business to sell craft supplies. Purchase all the craft supplies for 1 single project OR buy a bunch of random supplies to start someone's craft room off right
  2. stencil a room together (kids' or grownups!)
  3. pick the most boring recipe you can think of & find unique innovations on that recipe; make it together & decide which innovation tastes the best
  4. make the craft room ahead of time & let your kids loose in it; they can make whatever they want for whomever they want as much as they want!
  5. build "mailboxes" OR give the materials for everyone in the family to build mailboxes (out of milk cartons, old animal kennels, wood, crates or whatever other items you can find!)
    1. let each family member decorate his/her mailbox however they choose
    2. leave out materials to make handwritten notes or homemade cards
    3. encourage family members to leave these notes in one another's mailboxes
    4. … believe me, in a digital age, handwritten notes are becoming treasures!
    5. give the materials to make homemade bird feeders make it together plan a nature walk to hang it up somewhere record which birds you see together
    6. decoupage a giant binder with recipient's favourite quotations, colours, singers, artists, styles, and… fill with craft ideas/instructions coupons for time together blank paper for notes
    7. find a giant refrigerator box, paint or colour a cave on it (or the solar system or whatever!), and presto! Easy-peasy fort to play in with little kids.

Gifts of Music

  1. playlists tailored to recipient's tastes, beliefs, likes
  2. tickets to concert
  3. payment for a piano tuning, guitar strings or even special throat drops (for those singers out there!)
  4. pay for music lessons
  5. invitation to a jam session with you or your band (if you also are musically inclined)
  6. gift certicificate to music store or for sheet music (which can get expensive!)

Gifts of a Global Impact

A great way to teach kids about the true nature of giving, show them how they can impact others' lives by purchasing livestock, libraries, medical supplies/staffing, or other needs. It helps kids understand that some of the most precious gifts aren't found under the tree at all. These are just some examples, from child sponsorship to social entrepreneurship. I'm sure we all have plenty of ideas of our own!

  1. Compassion Canada
  2. World Vision Canada
  3. Not For Sale
  4. Homeboy Industries
  5. Just Soap: Natural Soap for Social Justice
  6. Koinonia Farm
  7. call ahead to a local charity and plan a family outing to the food bank or soup kitchen; make it a monthly habit so kids can learn that giving isn't centered around the Christmas season but a lifestyle to be practiced
  8. launch a kids' coat drive, a book drive, or a food drive
  9. research international peace organizations than have penpal programs; have kids exchange letters and build relationships with people who are looking to create peace in the world
  10. give jars of eco-friendly homemade laundry detergent
  11. Help someone out with an oil change or brake repair or other auto chores. See how Good News Auto does in Edmonton. Better yet: check them out in person!

 "Stuff" can create clutter in more ways than just physical space. If we take time to put down the phones, expand our perceptions of gifts towards them being more than just the latest & greatest, we can begin to restore Christmas. And restoration, as you know, is a powerful aspect to our freedom in God.


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