But Guys *Have* To Have It…

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As Canada bends towards adopting 'The Canadian Model' addressing prostitution and sex trafficing, Canadians are being pulled back and forth with information, misinformation, profitable conversations, and useless social media wars.

I am having more of those "I weep for humanity" moments every time I read some of the comments attached to newspaper articles. I know… bad habit. NEVER read the comments. But sometimes it's eye-opening to get a sense of what people feel the can get away with saying online without an ounce of responsibilty.

One of the areas of misinformation regarding the *need* for paid sexual services is that men need sex badly. 


We're still using this myth to pad our arguments?

Not only is it a lousy argument trying to make a case for paid sexual service, it's an insult to men everywhere. It screams that guys simply can't exist without sex; that men are nothing more than stags in rut; that men have no self-control; that men have no self-respect or respect for others; that men have no interest in other things. Only sex.

So the next time someone tells me that we need prostitution to help guys (because they NEED to get laid so damn badly), I'm going to say:


You do it.

You go open a brothel; you go strip off your clothes; you go expose your penis & buttocks for the world to see, judge, determine if they're worth it; you go sidle up to clients; you go exploit yourselves & you can have all the sex you want; you go objectify your own body; you go & make a commodity of yourself, because it's YOU who's demanding all this sex you apparently need. Be your own supply to your demand."


Why not?

If guys supposedly need sex more than women, or more than __________________, why are women the providers? Why can't men go out & sell their own bodies for all the sex they need? What's this reliance on women to scratch those itches?

I know… I'm emoting. Some days I get so frustrated when stupid arguments are used for the continued exploitation of women and children. And yes, I get frustrated too when guys aren't allowed to break out of the hyper-sexualized box our world's created for them.

To the guys who have broken out, who know that there's life beyond sex, who know sex is highly contextualized and demands deeper committement than a twenty… thank you. 

**UPDATE: Wednesday, July 16 2014

I've had some awesome conversations/comments about this particular post. And I agree some clarification is in order: I am not suggesting all men 'turn gay' to support their demand for paid sex, nor was the intent to offend anyone who identifies as gay. Orientation is an entirely separate issue other than what I am speaking of here. I am urging men who use the "I need it" argument to simply become the supply to their own demand — an economic response to an economic argument. If it offends men that I suggest they become their own supply, perhaps those who advocate for paid sexual services can understand how offensive and degrading it is for many women who are told that it's a viable way out of economic hardship.

Well spoken, friends. Thanks for pointing out the potential for misunderstanding.

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