Bring Back Our Girls



Nigerians demand government do more to bring home kidnapped girls

200 school-aged girls are kidnapped from school by a militia group. 43 escape. 187 are still missing. 

By now much of the world has heard of the situation, but friends and family members of the victims are claiming the Nigerian government isn't doing enough to save their children. Hence the #bringbackourgirls social media campaign. People from around the world are standing with the families, & praying for the safe return of all the girls.

Yes there is shock. What just happened?

Yes there is paralysis. What can I even do?

Yes there is outrage. Who would do such a thing?

And yes… there is prayer. Why God? WHY?! 

These are CHILDREN for Your sake; why allow them to be abducted only to endure only-You-know-what?


We can pray pretty prayers. We can use similes and metaphors and paint all sorts of peaceful pictures to soothe our battered souls. Yet the agony these families are enduring in the moment demands a more raw type of prayer… a shriek of outrage and weeping.

Where are You?

I think of Esther and the lack of choice she had being taken away to the king's harem. Sure Mordecai had a say or two, but Esther certainly did not. What she had to do to stay alive in her captor's care, I'm sure, was beyond the beautified version of receiving "a makeover". Are these girls experiencing the same violent confinement?

Where are You?

I think of Peter trying to defend Jesus in the garden. He thought by picking up a sword and slicing off an ear, Jesus would be safe. Yet Jesus rebuked His own disciple and healed His enemy. While many now would demand arms be taken up — guns, grenades, machetes and other weapons — we pray that our anger would not give way to more violence. As much as I feel within my bones to hurt whoever has taken Your children, pulling a trigger will not bring freedom. It never has. It never will. In our own bloodlust, are we demanding justice? Or are we demanding slaughter?

Where are You?

Like the weeping in Ramah, there is a great multitude of tears in Nigeria… can You hear them? Can you hear us?

Where are You?

187 girls still in captivity, crying out for their mommies and daddies.

Where are You?

Have You abandoned us so completely that You allow evil men to swipe innocents from their beds on a whim? Are You so angry that children must suffer our fury with You?

Yes… raw prayers.

No correct theology here. No doctrine. No pretty prayers. Nothing but opening of our spirits and letting loose the unending grief within.

Children have been stolen. There is no excuse. No reason. And while there might be reason for our violent response, there is still no excuse as much as I want to aim a gun at one of these guys' heads and… BANG.

Where are You?

Sure… protect the girls wherever they are. Sure… be present in their captivity.

Pretty prayers.

Jesus… for the love of God… bring our girls home.


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