Dear Henri, Being The Beloved – Week 10

Holy Blossom_Creative Commons

"Holy Blossom"_Bhumika Bhatia_Creative Commons

Dear Henri,

You don't sound like I expected you to.

Oh sure, I knew you were Dutch. But I always imagined your voice to be a little bit deeper, and your lilt to be a little bit slower, and your tone to be a little more measured. When I read your words, you sound more like a carefully measured academic. Yet when I listen to your voice, you sound more like an excited school boy ready to share a giddy secret.

You've never heard me speak.

I speak English too. Real English, as we Canadians are fond of saying (eh?). We pride ourselves in our distinct lack of accent… until we head south of the border and everyone else points out our linguistic idiosyncrasies. I'll tell you right now too: my Dutch sucks. Totally non-existant.


If we are all the Beloved of God and we are to begin our lives from this place, where does community fit?

If we define ourselves repeatly by:

  • what we do
  • how people speak about us
  • what we have

… it seems to me that, while I agree with your message, I am still left wondering how we are to live this out together. True, we can't rely on others to fill those deepest places of emptiness, but we were created to live in community. Where does that come in? Surely there's a place and time for words of encouragement, common laughter, or human praise?

I want what you're talking about, but it still sounds rather… lonely.

Maybe I just haven't gotten to that point in your life or works. Or maybe I'm missing something.

Probably both.

Before I go, one more thing…

… the Crystal Cathedral, Henri?! Really????

Until next time,



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