An Advent Prayer for Prostitution_Saturday: A Voice


Taken in East Falls, Philadelphia, PA, Winter 2012

         …Weary ones, disheartened ones, lost ones, broken ones, confused ones, exhausted ones…


I Am.

I Am Here.

I have always been here, wherever you are, and will always be here wherever you go. I Am here Emmanuel. Even in the darkness, I Am… here. Small, confined in flesh as you are, but here.

I Am Here Emmanuel.

Friday was a blow for so many of you. I know.

I felt the blow.

Knowing your hearts and desires, Beloved, I know the innermost thoughts of those chasing after what is not theirs to take; lusting for what is not theirs to own; paying for what is not theirs to possess; and degrading My Own image, My Created, My Love.


Preachers may have a thousand words right now… your Caesars might have views flying in aerial battle… your media dispossess you in favour of a false light… there are many words being spoken right now. 

Clear them away. Cast the off. In time, you will engage these voices again and I will be there too. Tonight, I seek to touch the tears on your face, as the same ones dampen my cheeks. I wish to soothe the knots in your shoulders, as I too sense the anxiety holding us all tight. 

I want to hold you close… let you beat your fists against My chest…

… let you hear My heartbeat in your ears…

… still your breathing…

and give you…


You are not alone, My Child My Beloved. Never have you been, nor will you ever be. The road is long indeed, and weary. But see? I travel alongside you, in you, through you. Trust me: you are on the road you are meant to be on, and I will not let My Beloved go lost.


I bless you.

I keep you.

I shine upon you.


… let me bring you peace.



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