An Advent Prayer for Prostitution_Friday: An Invocation


Photo Credit: Christine Sine



Deep exhales…

(more silence)


(deeper silence)


Ahhhh… God. Today we saw The Supreme Court of Canada deliver a ruling that paves the way for further oppression, violence, & despair. It broke our hearts, disappointed our spirits, and heavied our burdens. Yet we knew entering into this foray that the outcome could fall 'the other way'. That doesn't relieve the heaviness or the sadness much. 


We cling to You now. For many, we have nowhere else to go. Come soothe us, rub the balm of Gilead into these sores, and bring a deep rest after a long battle. Fight the feelings of futility for us, lift the load on our shoulders, and renew Your children. 

In the middle of this mess, it seems strange to be offering an invocation. Yet it is precisely the right time for such a plea:

Come, Immanuel. 

Come, God-with-Us.


Come, fellow sisters and brothers.

Come, Christ-within-Us


We have 1 year – the year of 2014 – to engage political bodies, advocacy groups, support groups, law-makers and law-breakers. We have 1 year to push hard, dig deep, research well, and pray without ceasing. We are struck down, but hardly destroyed. Not even by a little bit. 

Bid us "Rise!", Immanuel.

As You enter the world, bid us "Rise!" and come with You. 

Bid us "Come where I come. Go where I go. Stay where I stay. Be where I be. And love and I love".

You love the least of these… the vulnerable… the hurting… the sorrowful… the greedy… the lustful… the lot of us. You love.

Bid us "Rise… and love."

We invoke You today, Christ of tears… Christ of hope.

Hold us close today, prepare us for tomorrow, & may 2014 be the year of Your justice in Canada.


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