Dirty Little Secret


Photo Credit: dslfilm.com

In 2009, Hope for the Sold produced one of the first all-Canadian content documentaries about human trafficking. "Enslaved and Exploited: The Story of Sex Trafficking in Canada" gives a straight-up look about the realities of exploitation in our country; the impacts it has had on victims, family, community, law enforcement, media and government; and spreads a message of hope that freedom for all involved is not an impossibility. 

Today, Edmonton's SEWG (Sexual Exploitation Working Group) lauched a short film about the reality of sex trafficking in Alberta's capital city. Channeling national information found in Hope for the Sold's documentary, stakeholders in Edmonton targeted local realities and, like Enslaved and Exploited, was sure to affirm the same message of hope. Dirty Little Secret is a 4:59 snapshot of what's going on in Edmonton, what a bawdy house looks like, the numbers of johns arrested between 2007-2012, the age groups targeted as victims, and the correlation of online pornography being made available to younger and younger age groups. You get to hear from a police official, a psychotherapist, a city councillor, a community member, and representatives from the youth outreach Crystal Kids.

Show Edmonton some support today by giving the film a watch, & see how you can get involved. 

Good job, SEWG. Kudos! And may hope spur us all forward to brighter futures.

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