Flat On Your Back: When You Can’t Undo Love

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I preached for the first time this morning at Lord of Glory Lutheran Church here is pokey ol' Lac La Biche. We've all heard the story of the Good Samaritan so many times, most of us prepare for nap time when the preacher announces she's going to using this parable… again.

I mean… what else IS there to glean from an over-told story?


How about hearing the story from the perspective of the God-fearing man who got the crap kicked out of him?

A little disclaimer: I used the example of white men (specifically white johns accessing the commercial sex trade in the Philippines as my "Samaritans"). I fully agree that it's an imperfect example, and want to re-iterate that I'm not advocating exhoneration for those hurting other people, but rather justice.

What I tried to do (albeit clumsily) was to point out that when I cease seeing Jesus in the "worst of the worst" or claim that it's impossible for Jesus to dwell with certain segments of society, I've become the Pharisee. I'm not trying to excuse harmful behaviour but rather challenge myself to be open to the real possibility that Jesus might be hanging out in places and people that I would pass by on the road.

Jean vanier

Jean Vanier, Founder of L'Arche Communities

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