Child pornography bust in Atlantic Canada results in 22 arrests | CTV News

Child pornography bust in Atlantic Canada results in 22 arrests | CTV News.

Global News published the names of the charged here. Global Morning News also reported this morning that law enforcement officials are reporting a noticeable increase in the demand for child pornography across Canada.

Why is this?

No troll answers please. We don't feed them here.

Why the increased demand in exploiting youth and children?

Legalizing prostitution is useless here when the demand isn't for 18+ men and women. It's for 17-… and this is seriously disturbing. Legalize the sex trade all you wish, but when the demand is for children, how are going to meet this demand and abolish it?

Comments like: "Castrate the bastards!" are useless as they are ignorant.  

Castrating offenders on a case-by-case basis doesn't end desire or demand. It just satifies blood lust, which has no place in a peaceable kingdom.

Still… it is absolutely imperative that we understand, agree and accept that exploitation of our children and youth is reprehensible. 

Some places to begin?

Let's take responsibility for ourselves…

1. Refuse to sexualize our children at increasingly younger ages. No, your daughter does NOT need a padded bra nor does she need to dance like Beyonce. Girls and women have certainly been (and are still) the brunt of oppression and violence for centuries, and speaking out against these things is critical. But it does not give us permission to hang our girls off a pole in the name of empowerment. We're only empowering Hugh Hefner's mirage of sexuality. And it's disgusting. As women, we are worth far more than this.

2. Educate both girls and boys from tot-age on about mutual respect and love for one another. Many boys still grow up thinking they are expected to be rutting stags, when in reality this is a myth. Both males and females have libidos we need to learn to control.

3. Find heroes and role models that reflect values and humanity rather than those who reflect a pimp culture which abuses and degrades.

4. Refuse our business at stores selling sexual charged clothing for children — whether it be slinky junk to 7 year olds, or crass sayings on boys' t-shirts.

5. Realize that "just kidding! just kidding!" is a cop out. When rape jokes, sex jokes or lewd comments are made, this is a beginning of how to embed rape culture in a child. 

"How did you lose your virginity? Rohypnol!"

NOT FUNNY. Period.

We need to redefine humour and what is jest, and what is filth.

6. If you're an adult (with our without children), and still have little knowledge about sexual matters, find someone you trust and talk to them about all of your questions. Don't be afraid! If you're a parent who's never been taught that treating your daughter like a car or your son like a stag is wrong… or perhaps you're still living with things done to you… talk to someone so that you can be the one to break the cycle in your family.

I don't know what it's going to take to halt the trend of child and youth porn, but I do know some tangible steps we can all take to send a loud message about how we love our children. Anyone have anymore?

Let's keep going.

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