Come To Me

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Some of you have asked about the focus of The Underground Railroad:

"Isn't this a blog about human trafficking?"

"Isn't this a blog about modern-day slavery?"

In a word: Yes.

Yes it is.

However, unlike other blogs talking about current events and social issues enmeshed with human trafficking, The Underground Railroad also seeks to prepare Christ's Bride: we the Church. She is purposed to be a living place of sanctuary and freedom.

But she is woefully inadequate. Still in formation.

In light of this reality, I not only post about current events surrounding human trafficking or social issues that affect and influence the matter, but expose areas of need in Church that require compassionate attention. I also include artistic interpretations of all of this — poetry, musings, songs and narratives. It all comes alive to become.

That's it: to become.

We are not perfect in our relationships with LGBTQ people, regardless of trauma.

How can we then be prepared to love people with sexual trauma, gay or straight?

Challenge and question.

We are not perfect in how we treat immigrants, or handle or discussions of immigration.

How can we then be prepared to accept those from other countries amongst us?

Challenge and question.

We are not perfect in our treatment of women, especially in ministry.

How can we share freedom with females if they are still restricted to being second in function?

Challenge and question.

Yes, much of the Railroad seeks to inform and address modern day slavery, but it also serves to prepare the sanctuary that MUST exist for those in chains to flee to. For without our active, persistent message of Jesus Christ calling to us — in community — and our insistence that we are indeed broken and imperfect, chains will not break. And slavery will continue.

There are chains in every place in the world, including Church. There is no shame in admitting this. In fact, it is a powerful sign of humility and humanity. Breaking these chains… being broken… is not a bad thing.



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