The Coming Home Community Website is Up!

Erin 01

Erin Thomas, Site Owner

Well it's here! The Coming Home Community website is up and live. Finally!

Who We Are…

We are an online community of artists, activists & kingdom bringers dedicated to seeking the transformation of Jesus Christ in ourselves & in the world around us… 

Our Foundations…

Simplicity – striving to be released from the love of money, we seek to share with one another, our communities, and our world

Non-Violence – in our days of violent aggression, we believe love cannot be expressed through violence, retaliatory or otherwise. We seek a deeper way of addressing all forms of violence using non-violence means and practice

Kingdom of God – we believe the kingdom of God is of the here and now, as well as the world to come. So we live in the present to establish God’s kingdom by seeking to end slavery and other injustices in our communities for God’s glory and His love of all people, as well as emulate the life of Jesus Christ

The Arts – visual, audio, written and other forms of art are integral in expressing God’s kingdom work on earth, personal and communal healing, and the exercise of gifts and abilities. We value and desire community members to engage in their giftings and crafts to further establish God’s kingdom


Carolyn Alecia 01

Carolyn Gray, Administrator


Family – no family is perfect, but we strive to see marginalized people as brothers and sisters, sons and daughters first, rather than chiefly victims. By seeking to understand and listen first, rather than to be understood and heard first, we aim to help build bridges with those among us experiencing oppression.


We aim to be a hub for people from all walks of life! Have some photography to share? Some visual art? Poetry? Sculpture? Writing? Music? How do you live the kingdom of Christ and express social justice? If this is a place you sense you could really contribute to tangible kingdom, send me an email! There is a nominal $10 fee to help underwrite the cost of setting up the website (it cost $400 initially, and I will have to renew every 2 years; but for people who want to be admins/post work, the $10 is a one-time thing; hopefully we'll make friends over the next couple of years who will keep the love going!).

Let me be clear: if $10 is too steep, talk to me about it! We don't want cash to be a barrier AT ALL if you want to contribute, but can't afford the cash right now. 

Sonia Vein 01

Sonia Vien, Admininstrator


Becoming an admin will allow you to blog, post, share music, create a photo gallery of work, or post pieces of writing. There is a User Agreement (quite basic, and if you have any questions about, do ask!). And while we do have basic Foundations, we don't require ourselves to be dogmatically adherent to each and every one. We know there are various beliefs, perspectives and traditions out there. For example, some of us agree that there are valid reasons for a Just War while others of us do not approve of war in any circumstance. Our art, pursuit of justice, and love of Christ and one another keep our relationships viable and alive, rather than at mere opinions.

Remaining a regular member allows you access to the site and the capacity to comment on work, projects, blogs, events or other material. You don't need to sign a user agreement for this, however bear in mind that comments are moderated and… we don't feed trolls. 🙂

What kinds of things will we share here? Nearly everything related to Christ's kingdom, from a huge spectrum of perspectives. Human trafficking, poverty, global peace issues, LGBTQ culture, aboriginal culture and needs, and more! Far from staying stuck on the negative, we'll be posting material about tangible kingdom, intentional community, shalom, concrete ways to address social injustice, sharing love and other ways we express Christ to the world.

Excited yet?

Join the Community!

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