Your Butt Isn’t Pretty

I handle the social networking stuff here at the Centre. Can't say I'm a tech whiz at it, but I enjoy linking things up and designing our virtual space. We've made some great contacts and it's helped raise our community profile.


… butts.

Today a "friend" (used in the highly distant, technological, hardly-means-a-thing sense) tried to get us to like a page he liked. Bear in mind, this was done on our nonprofit page and not my personal one. While I would have been just as quick to delete the invite on my personal page, it was frustrating to receive such a dehumanizing invite as a nonprofit dedicated to compassion, equality, empowerment and love.

Fan Ass is a page where women (and women only) post pictures of their butts (or other bits of homemade porn), and both men and women get to rate, discuss, hoot, holler, and yelp over the content. I didn't insert the link here because it doesn't deserve the fandom. Mistress Prude here reported the open page to Facebook because with low security and easy access, I canned the "they're consenting adults" chorus and went with the "somebody think of the children!" solo.

No really.

There's an age limit on FB, but let's be honest: there are thousands of underage kids using FB and even those who are "of age" are certainly NOT of age to be exposed to images like that.

I also went to the: "Have some self respect!" theme. Yeah… if you feel sexy in lacy thongs, that's your deal. Posting a closeup on FB isn't art. It's gross. You're hiding your poop hole with lace… or silk… or satin… or… nothing (particularly nasty). No one need be ashamed of their bodies or any parts thereof, but posting yourself live to be rated and stated is degrading to yourself, to women, and yes… to men. You're not being funny (even if you have a great sense of humour); you're not being intelligent (even if you're super smart); you're not even being pretty (no one can see 'you'… how are they to know). You're a butt. You're nothing now but meat to the rest of the world. This taking of porn to the most crass, lowest common denominator of drool is at best rank; and at worst… a shameless promotion of immature adults who need affirmation of their purpose by humiliating their own bodies. 

Yeah I know there are a quadrillion pages like this one out there, and many are far, far worse. 

To the "friend" who set us up… you're not being a friend. Not even in jest. Sending us Farside comics is funny. Sending us an Obama photobomb might be pushing the giggle line. But setting up women to be nothing but butts?

Shame's on you, dude.

Shame's on you.

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