We Need to Let Go


Taken at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens

In Canada, our political leanings have a bit of a broader spectrum than in the US (correct me if I'm wrong, my American friends). I realize that many Americans do embrace this broader spectrum, but at the ballot box one generally is pressured to vote Republican (Conservative) or Democrat (Liberal). While Canada does espouse a broader range of political leanings, these leanings often fall into these two categeories anyway especially when thinking on religious or moral issues. 

As I look around my home community of Lac La Biche, my away-community of Philly, or anywhere I am in North America, it perplexes me — sometimes as encouragement, sometimes as sadness — as to how deeply we have allowed our political views to dictate our identities as light and salt of the world.

When we continue to insist that our politics create identity in Christ, we insist not on a tangible kingdom of Jesus Christ "on earth as it is in heaven", but rather tout the great divides we have dug between ourselves and others (whoever those 'others' might be). 

"But if THEY would only see the TRUTH, THEN things would change…"


Sounds a mite skewed, no?

Once the opponent sees the world through our lenses, comes to some grand realization of error, makes amends to one & all, and then joins our correct side, THEN (and only then) will the kingdom come.


Perhaps my voice is yet another amongst thousands; perhaps this has already been said a million ways, voices and languages; but when we persist in our politics such as we are, we do not usher in the kingdom but delay it… even abandon it.

It seems to me that if we let go of the Right and if we let go of the Left, then we will see that we have TWO HANDS now freed up to dig into the rough work of the kingdom. While we maintain such militant grips on our stands, we have no way to grad a hold of the really important things. While we glare at one another, believing each side has "an agenda" (such ridiculousness and childishness), and using that propaganda to further angst against the other, change is nothing more than clanging gongs and empty cymbals.

Let go.

There is a better way.

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