It Scares Me… This Puritan Hard Drive

Struck down but not destroyedHow do I approach teachings that go far past that of "agreeing to disagree", and fall into danger zones that could cost people lives?

Has anyone come up with an answer to that question? Some have… they trash the teachers. It's all too easy to do. Others (like me)… we back away. We see "cult" written all over the place, and sense a need to retreat.

What scares me is: these teacher see "us" (those in disagreement) as a cult too.

Fine community of believers, aren't we?

The Puritan Hard Drive is advertising and promoting psychology as religious form of the occult (Dr.J MacArthur). "Free Christian Resources On the Dangers and Anti-Christian nature of Psychology and Psychiatry by Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. Richard Ganz, et al."

My first gut reaction: "My MOTHER is NOT a satanist!" (my mother is a beautiful godly woman and a well-known grief therapist in Athabasca). 

I won't lie: psychology and pyschiatry are far from perfect. While they have helped me personally over the years, being strapped to a table for thrice-weekly shock treatments was terrifying in the extreme. However, that's a far cry from calling it occultic. 

Reading through the web page, I don't want to have the mind of a Puritan. I began shaking — in thought, in heart, and in spirit. Does that make me any more or less "right"? To offer a fair critique of the work itself, I'll need to read all of it. However, the promotion itself frightens me enough that I never want to darken the doors of these churches or churches promoting these guys ever again.

The twisted Scripture is enough.

The abuse is enough.

The arrogance is enough.

The domination is enough.

These men are answering psychology with theology which, while not a fully incorrect approach, is still a human-made construct and they are declaring their views more divine. I look back at some of the things that happened to me as a child and, if I was to address them with this form of "theo-babble", I'd be back on the psych ward. A major reason I landed there to begin with the spiritual abuse of forever being a sinner, doomed to hell, because I couldn't see God as holy enough. But these teachers fall back on teachings of "grace", nullifying (or numbing) the need for critique.

Trust me.


I've been pondering a good deal lately on the my "Storytellers" (youth participants in my thesis project), and others I've met at various workshops I've delivered or met in 'the system'. How can I justify offering this form of support when child rape is involved? When human trafficking is involved? 

Toss them a Bible-bone?

To be honest, one of the first things I do when I enter a conversation with a hurting youth is to put the Bible away. This is a sacred time to listen.

What about the youth who have been demonized by the church, and abused? What about the ones who attended church, begged for help from leaders, and yet the leaders did nothing? 

We pray over them?

And I'm not dregging out extreme examples to prove a point. I am engaging troubled youth and these are common occurences the have repeated themselves consistently. 

The church is a living body — a bride far from perfect. But Jesus Christ moves in and through all of his creation. He is THE Word.

Once again, declaring other Christians as unbelievers or occultic pushes me further away from the extremism described here, not just for myself but for those so wounded by whatever life circumstance. Why? Any disagreement is branded as evil… even different expressions of thought, as seen here, are taught as demonic. This is wrongful. This is dangerous. This is… what else can I say?

Shoot out Scripture to fight Scripture?

Yeah… that's gotten Christians LOTS of places.

"Psychology is a cult, a Humanist cult, born in the very depths of Hell — and holding high a cup full of anti-Christian monstrosities and murdered souls. To attempt to mix this vile demonic deception with the truth of the Bible is an abomination, and will ultimately be met with the judgment and wrath of God." ~Dr.Reg Barrow

Pretty potent stuff. Once again, Christianity is left to a select few pure souls who design theology rather than listen to God.

Furthermore, Dr. Matthew MacMahon's view of The Puritan Hard Drive as the pre-eminent extra-biblical resource next to the Bible isn't inspiring. It's terrifying.

This isn't a high view of Scripture. These are yet more accusations against other believers who practice differently, and hubris beyond the scope any person ought to possess… as if any amount of pride was safe. When reaching out amongst the wounded and marginalized, this teaching is taking trauma and pain and rubbing them back into gashes of victims. It's partial truth forced on seeking people without love. I hope to God youth I encounter in the future are never exposed to this. Ever.

Up until now, I "agreed to disagree" with these men.

Tonight, I'm backing away slowly and carefully. It's as if I move to quickly, hellfire will zap me for good. Unless compassion and understanding radically change what's posted here, I will not return. 

The sad thing is: these teachers could care less that those of us fleeing their flocks are even gone.

All we become are heretics and back-sliders.

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