Maybe I Should Buck for the Pope Vacancy…

Blue like jazz pope 615 roadside

Final Confession Scene

If you've read "Blue Like Jazz" (the book) and watched "Blue Like Jazz" (the movie), you'll know a lot of license was taken in creating a stimulating screenplay. Buzz exploded over whether or not the movie was a "Christian" movie. People took sides.


I liked it. Really. I did.

Not every piece of powerful media with overt themes of Jesus needs to be tagged as "Christian".


My thought tonight was over the final confession scene: Don's character rises up to his role as The Pope and instead of taking confessions from fellow scandalous students, he himself confesses to the shame and hatred he's harboured about Jesus, Christians, and his faith.

Everyone should watch this scene.

Take from it what you will, but it kindled an already lenten flame inside me: a keening of repentance because I've been a horrible example of Jesus.

I have.

I love my First Love. I believe in this "Jesus shit" (as one comment suggested). I love this Jesus shit. I can't prove a thing, but I can show you who Jesus is in my life.

And I always will.


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