Dear Daddy, My Girls Are Better Than You & Always Will Be

Superbowl 2013

Courtesy of

Advertising is BIG at the Superbowl.

We're talking advert fatcats cackling whilst swimming in millions of bills type big.

But media outlets such as still seem to think by continuing to hyper-sexualize content for product, using women is still okay. Hey, apparently H&M know how to work a guy's bod, so while the majority of oppression is still placed squarely on the boobs… errr, shoulders… of girls and women, I dare say the female market is being tapped more and more to energize a fantasy libido.

The Superbowl is also known as a major human trafficking hub. Sports + sex = good times all around, right? Now the researcher in me would like to see some quantitative data around this claim, but knowing that sex/labour trafficking abounds during the World Cup, the Olympics… heck, "even the greatest outdoor show on earth" (The Calgary Stampede), The Superbowl wouldn't somehow be magically exempt. Rev up football fans, polarize teams, sell oodles of junk, and then splash in breasts, butts, cleavage and pouty lips and we have a recipe for approved sex-for-the-taking.

Thank God not all men are penis-driven hooligans.

In fact… (deep breath)… I dare say many are quite aware of their sexuality but believe that they are more than a gland (gasp!). The media would portray it differently, and even churches portray this differently sometimes. However, I do thank men like Eugene Cho  and Kurt Willems who stand against demeaning women for the sake of pleasure and sport; and stand up for women as equals in all areas of life.

So on this Superbowl Sunday, Daddy, I want you to know:

I hang out with a great group of youth at my church. Connecting with the girls, I know their school schedules, their siblings, and their latest hair styles. I'm privy to their frustrations, dreams and fashion trends. I know who they "like" and they "like-like", and I know their questions about God… life… family… the future.

They are more than their bodies, Daddy.

You cannot decide where they'll GO.

You cannot dictate who they will GO with.

You cannot GO with them like I can… like their parents can… like their friends can… like God can.

So GO, Daddy, GO.

GO away.

GO far away where the last disgusting, perverse and persuasive dementia ceases to exist.

My girls are better than you.

My girls are MORE than you.

My girls are not even "my" girls… they are God's girls, loved by Jesus Christ who knows and loves them far more than your benjamins.

GO, Daddy.

Their real Abba is already showing them love and truth like you never will.

But oh yeah… you never cared about them anyway.

GO, Daddy… GO.

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