Merry Christmas… w/ Sweet & Salty

Stationery-and-quill-penHappy Christmas Eve, one & all… I was just thinking about the greeting "Merry Christmas", and all the silly hullabaloo that's come along with it. People are freaking out of their long johns about keeping "Christ" in "Christ-mas", and we have totally forgotten about the "Merry" part!

There's "Happy Christmas", and then there's "Merry Christmas". To be "merry" in those golden days of yore meant to get a bit tiddly… a wee dram of tipsy… skunked. In the darkest times of poverty and oppression, to wish one a Merry Christmas meant: "May Christ be with you… and may you get rip-snorting drunk!!!!"

Ahhh… good times (or not, depending on how you view the matter).

Just a bit of silliness, really.

So this blog has addressed issues surrounding the modern slave trade, other social justice issues, responses of the church to various social justice issues, and some of my own personal journey. In thinking of what to do on the Railroad in the New Year, I've been encouraged to keep sharing poetry.

That's right.


(journalism majors sigh, roll eyes… artists squeal with glee)

I've written since childhood, but have put it aside for quite a few years now. It would be a truly incredible jounrey to take "the facts" of trafficking and social justice, and express them through the eyes and ears and voice of heart, no? There are absolutely NO guarantees that it will be GOOD poetry, or that it will be consistent. I simply need to find my voice again. When more and more people (strangers even) tell me I am far too serious for my own good, perhaps I need to revisit how I'm addressing life.

Stay tuned!

Or go get gooned.

Hmmm… off to a bad start. Give me to 2013?

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