The 7 Worst Aid Ideas Ever…

Girl holding food

Giving & sharing are great, but what if the sharing is doing more harm than good?


It's like Richard Stupart read my mind.

Click on the link The 7 Worst International Aid Ideas and read through what Stupart believes has done far more harm than good in North American efforts to effect global change. Sorry to those die-hard TOMS fans out there, but I'm with the author on this one, and he ranks it as the second worst international aid idea in our current world.

The Machine Gun Preacher, #3 on the list, is also… oh what's the academic term for it? It's nuts. Oh sure we've created a white North American hero with a big gun who saves little children for Jesus, and that gets everyone rootin' and hollerin' for the good guys. Instead of coming alongside the most vulnerable in peace, we act like the villians to exterminate them.

I don't even want to enter into the realm of donor restricted funds. Working in the nonprofit world, I know all about transparency and the need for ethical and responsible business practices. However I also know the needs in our little organization and to have our hands tied by being told: "We'll give you money for new shelves, but no money to support a program" (for example). The corporation is willing to work with us, but only if it benefits them. We don't need shelves! We need help for "Program A"! So if monies are taken, NPOs end up creating unnecessary projects, while leaving behind the ones that were becoming successfull but needed extra help.


That was an outburst!

What the best ideas?

What kind of innovation do you see in the world that assists local folks to become sustainable, eradicate poverty, demolish stereotypes, and teach "the givers" better ways of giving and sharing?

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