Tired of the Culture Wars?

Tired of it all?

Tired and weary of arguments over smoke?

Sick of trying to live the life Christ has called you to, but you get shot down when others disagree?

Tired of trying to relate to other Christians and they perceive you as shooting them do for who they are?

Just… tired?

Well, the deeply spiritual answer is that we're all in this together and that some people will hang on to hurtful actions that don't reflect the love they profess. However, war is for people who have lost their kingdom imagination, and it's also a very temporal state. At the risk of using an instant Christian cliche: love wins.

So instead of trying to mop up the mess of chicken everywhere, or bounce back and forth how best to attend the wounded through it all, or "what now?", perhaps we need a darn good laugh — a healthy, from-the-gut, face-streaming-with-tears laugh. Holy laughter. Sacred laughter. Laughter not at 'the Other's' expense, but laughter we can share. No chicken required.

So if you don't find this funny… blame me and my off-ways sense of humour. Enjoy!

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