Not Feeling Like Chikn Tonight…

Do you ever have those moments in your life where you sense you are on the verge of something huge? Like whatever you choose to do, it's going to direct the course of your days to come?

My colleague's stories from Amsterdam, a world hub of human trafficking, was gearing up that sense in me.

Syria was gearing that up in me.

The endless frustration of unecessarily poverty and malnutrition in our world was gearing that up in me.

The Great Christian Response of eating at Chick-Fil-A today did not.


To my brothers and sisters in Christ, both gay and straight, who did not reduce themselves to slander, mockery, apathy, name-calling, bullying, or condemnation to those who have engaged in fast food boycotts, I thank you. That took guts — quiet, iron guts.

To those people who have chosen to boycott Chick-Fil-A, but do so out of reasons of hurt, pain, frustration and hope for a better world, and (likewise) have refused to bully, name-call, and threaten, I thank you. This, also, took a lot of guts.

To my LGBTQ friends, I am sorry. I have no words. I would hope that many of you will see through this smokescreen and know that not all believers are so cruel or mean. I would also hope that if a believer disagrees with you on sexual orientation, that you and that believer would be able to carry on civil dialogue and love one another without resorting to thinking the believer is automatically a 'bigot'. I know that's hard, especially if you have suffered enough under the 'love' of some believers.

Again, to my brothers and sisters in Christ… this was tragic. Sad. We had a huge chance to bring to together two of the most divided groups in the entire world and we failed. It's true, bullying or name-calling or threats from anyone are wrong. However, the responsibility to love is upon us. US. Bar none. Without trying to sound like I'm laying on famine guilt, it hurt so much to hear Christian leaders encourage their followers to eat more chicken, just to prove a point to a group of people long distanced from church. And this when people are still dying daily of lack of food of any kind. There is no excuse for this.

Can we not see the smokescreen?

Fires are burning around the world, but we blow smoke at each other; instead of racing to the fires together, discerning if they are fires of evil, or of purging, of refining, or of gentle flame meant to warm us together side-by-side, we choose to breathe smoke.

What took over the Christian discourse during the Japan crisis last year?

One little tweet over one little book by little Rob Bell… "heretic!", "apostate!"… sigh…

What has taken over Sudan, Syria, Amsterdam, the Colorado shootings… real fire…?


Sad day. 

May tomorrow be a day where we pick up the hope again, the trust believes have in Christ, and we try again to emulate Love Himself.

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  1. Wright

    This crap just… I don’t have the words. There aren’t words to describe the frustrations I have with people on both sides who are still committed to fighting the damned culture wars. I swear, moments like these make me wonder whether this is what the Catholics usually feel like, and whether they don’t have a point.


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