Inside The Shock..

Some brief thoughts on waking up to a mass shooting in Colorado… after hearing of mass slaughter in Syria… being deeply disturbed at our brothers and sisters around the world engaging in and suffering from the increasing violence in our world today.

Lord, have mercy.

Christ, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy on us all.

When we wake up to events of mass shootings – Syria, America – the shock to the system is breaking. Take comfort in the words of Jean Vanier, when he talks about 'Living Gently in a Violent World':

"When we listen to stories of terrible pain & know we can't do anything about it, we touch our own vulnerability. We've heard the scream of pain, but we don't know what to do with it. None of us knows what to do with the deep brokenness in our world. Maybe that realization can bring us back to community. We can do nothing on our own. We need somewhere to be together… but as we live with people who have been crushed, as we begin to welcome the stranger, we will gradually discover the stranger inside of us. When we welcome the broken outside, they call us to discover the broken inside. We cannot really enter into relationship with people who are broken unless somehow we deal with our own brokenness."

… may we all desire this gentleness & compassion today, & in the days to come.

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