Sex Predator’s Creeper

I opened up my blog this morning, chiding myself that I've been shamefully neglecting it over the past few weeks. However, after a bit of a break and some clarity of direction, hopefully I'll get back on the ball.

The thing about good blogging is one pays attention to one's metrics: numbers of hits to various posts; where those hits are coming from; and what themes or trends are getting the most traffic. Here's the thing, most of my traffic comes from Facebook or Google. When someone clicks onto my blog, I see that link. I don't YOU as Facebook and Google are pretty generic searches. Sometimes, however, I see very odd links that are way off base.

Today, for example: porn picture/teen pussy.

Seeing as I'm in the office right now before work starts, I haven't clicked on the link to see where it would take me. I don't want that kind of material on my office computer obviously. But I've had links like this before and usually the searches I see before me make me want to wretch.

Those of you supporting initiatives to help children exploited the sex trade, thanks for all of your support.

To those of you searching for children to be your personal sex slaves, I declare again: your searches aren't private. This is going straight to ICE (Interet Child Exploitation Unit). I hope by accidentally clicking on my blog you will have realized it's not your scene, but perhaps it ought to be. Maybe you'll have found help. Maybe you'll have found reasons to quit your obscenity.

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