What Title Can I Give…?

Massoudhossaini(photo by Massoud Hossaini)

Most people who know me know my take on "poverty porn" – the practice of viewing the worst of the worst conditions in our world today for our own selves seeking to burst our bubbles. It can be dehumanizing, exploitative, and rarely creates the desire for long term relationship and restoration.

However, when Eugene Cho blogged about this particular photo today, I was in strong agreement of his points. To use the tragedy of others to yank ourselves out of our own apathy or ignorance is shameful… however, when we fully eradicate reality from our lenses, we miss what our own hands are doing to our brothers and sisters.

We are a part of this brokenness. How often have Christians derided Muslims? How often do we accuse them? Point fingers at them?

These people were celebrating a tradition! No reason in this entire world justifies the pain here. None.

If we are the peacemakers, Tarana's pain must be our pain and sorrow too.

And I echo Cho's plea: "Lord have mercy…"


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